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Will Anderson


Will Anderson




◊ = strengths || "–" = weaknesses

◊ long frame with a solid build
◊ elite first step quickness + incredible timing; explosive get-off
◊ hand usage is Mr. Miyagi-like; his ability to displace strikes in pass rush with effortless fluidity and not lose momentum is art in motion
◊ heavy hands; jarring initial strike power
◊ using his length & strength to leverage blocks and control the POA; strong anchor and ability to shed blocks when he wants to
◊ solid pass rush arsenal including a strong rip, speed to power & vice versa
◊ typically plays with good pad level; can play a little high on stunts
◊ shows ability to utilize space & anticipate when dropping into coverage; doesn't overreact to nuance
◊ disruptive force off the edge whether he's collapsing the pocket in pass rush, effecting passing lanes and batting down balls at the LOS, or setting a hard edge vs the run
◊ plays with great awareness & instincts
– overall long speed & short area quickness
– sometimes plays a little reckless; can get caught off-balance and have an OL end up putting him on the ground

• vs Cincinnati (2021 CFP)
• vs Georgia (2022 National Title)

– 5/12/22 (Preliminary Eval update + Grade)
– 5/6/22 (Preliminary Eval)


RD 1 - Immediate Impact

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