Kellen Mond (2017)


Hilshon Bailey

DUAL (6-2, 200)



St. Andrews, Erskine, NC Wesleyan, Charlotte, App State

has a unique throwing motion that looks like it skips a step, but it offers a short, quick release & good velocity - a good teammate and leader; knows how to encourage guys around him and help boost confidence - raw technique but really flashes a lot of ability; first time starter at position in 2019 so he is still developing his throwing mechanics - tough runner; breaks arm tackles; strong center of gravity that gives him ability to shed defenders - can throw with really nice touch when needed - confident enough to throw into tight windows and take chances; trusts receivers to make plays on the ball - works the middle of the field well - leads his receivers; hits in stride - fearless competitor; has dual-threat ability but will stand in the pocket, take a hit, and deliver the ball downfield - extremely athletic; smart runner [knows when to get down or step out of bounds to avoid unneccesary contact] - can get a little dormant in the pocket sometimes; would like to see a little more urgency & active feet - good agility & lateral quickness; knows how to create open space when he can't find any initially - longest ball I saw him throw (distance travelled thru the air) was around 45 yards and it took about 2.53 seconds to get to the target; has adequate arm strength (especially in intermediate routes); continue to get stronger but the deep ball potential is promising - really encouraged about his overall potential; has great physical traits and natural ability; continued development in his technique at the position is needed but the athletic ability is already present


St. Andrews, Erskine, NC Wesleyan, Charlotte, App State