Kylin Hill (2017)


Nathan Harris-Waynick

RB (5-10, 210)



COMMITTED: SOUTH CAROLINA (PWO - as of 12/21/20) -- Furman, Georgia Southern, Lindenwood, Charlotte, Georgia State

3.3 GPA || NCAA ID#: 1910731367 || finished junior season with 1050 rushing yards and 24 total touchdowns || first thing that stands out is good contact balance; able to adjust his center of gravity on the run to stay upright after taking a hit or two - plays with great toughness; fights thru defenders and forces them to take his feet away or they'll get carried down the field with him; arm tackles won't cut it - solid frame; plays with good strength and physicality - provides dependable RAC ability - has a tendancy to sometimes run with an erect posture; may need to develop a little more of a forward-lean to have similar success after contact at the next level - not a runner that will win with agility and short area quickness; his RAC yardage comes from good vision & navigating thru gaps and opportune windows of space - profiles as more of a between-the-tackles power runner but has the speed & athleticism to break runs out to the edge when holes close too quickly inside - does a really nice job getting north and south in a hurry; doesn't waste time dancing around; no wasted steps or movement - has decent long speed for size; good initial burst thru gaps and into straightaways; clocked an in-game 40-yd dash at 4.83 (avg of four tries timing the play) on one of his runs in the film where he hits a straightaway right about the 40-yd line with no further contact to get a rough idea of how fast he is (did let up around the 7-yd line); initial 10-yd split on the play was about a 1.27 - would like to see more pass pro in the film and catching out of the backfield; did find some pass pro in other players' film and he showed a willingness to block but the O-line most times kept the backfield clean while the play developed - needs to be more active in plays where he doesn't get the ball - good footwork - really good player overall with a ceiling that has yet to be determined; should have a fantastic & productive senior season - working with Apex Performance (Columbia, SC) on speed, bend and hip flexibility; shows good work ethic and awareness of areas that he can improve in


COMMITTED: SOUTH CAROLINA (PWO - as of 12/21/20) -- Furman, Georgia Southern, Lindenwood, Charlotte, Georgia State