Ahmad 'Sauce' Gardner (4)


Ahmad 'Sauce' Gardner (4)



Cincinnati || JR (3)

◊ = strengths || "–" = weaknesses

• 23 games played

◊ long frame; super athletic at size
◊ overall speed (long, closing, etc); short area quickness
◊ lateral mobility; can play sideline to sideline; change of direction
◊ zone coverage; good instincts to pass off to other defenders and effect passing lanes
◊ tough, physical, and competitive
◊ good vs the run; knows how to shed blocks and attacks the ball
◊ staying square and not opening hips prematurely; doesn't take false steps
◊ getting in and staying in phase in man-to-man; ability to mirror and match; bail technique
◊ football IQ; good route recognition and reaction
◊ doesn't like to allow clean releases
– ability to play man-to-man but seems more natural and confident in zone
– uses hands well but can get a bit grabby at times
– footwork could get better
– technical ability is there but doesn't always commit to using it
– lean build; add functional muscle mass

FILM: [vs Alabama - 2021] – [vs UCF - 2021]

• 1/23/22 - updated games played


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