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Devin Lloyd (27)


Devin Lloyd (27)



Utah || RS-SR (5)

◊ = strengths || "–" = weaknesses

• 47 games played (32 starts)

◊ rangy athlete with solid frame and good length
◊ good burst in short areas; ability to eat up space with good closing speed; plays pursuit angles really well
◊ run defense; plays downhill & attacks the ball aggressively; creates a lot of TFL opportunities
◊ utilizing his length & strength at the point of attack to gain leverage and disengage blocks with relative ease to make plays on the ball
◊ playing with active hands whether it's when he's engaged with a blocker or getting his hands up to disrupt passing lanes & bat balls down at the LOS
◊ plays with pretty good pad level for size
◊ formed tackler who wraps up; also has ability to contort body and use length to advantage to make tough tackles in traffic
◊ plays with good awareness; football IQ
◊ competitive toughness
– agility & lateral mobility
– tackling in space
– pass coverage; showed improvement throughout season; keeps hips on a swivel when dropping in zone but plays pretty stiff most of the time
– change of direction

FILM: [vs BYU - 2021] – [vs Stanford - 2021]

2/14/22 - initial eval
2/6/22 - updated games played


Round 1/2

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