Dorian Thompson-Robinson


Dorian Thompson-Robinson



UCLA || SR (4)

◊ = postives || ∞ = needs improvement || "–" = negatives

• 26 games (16 starts)

◊ active feet in the pocket; maneuvers well
◊ good velocity on short to intermediate throws
◊ escapability; great athleticism coupled with being a smart runner; keeps plays alive with his legs
◊ good long speed
◊ ability to throw on the run with velocity & accuracy
◊ keeps eyes downfield when on the run or under pressure; pretty good pocket awareness
◊ accuracy throwing to the boundaries; arm strength to throw sideline to sideline
◊ touch throws
◊ has own YouTube channel which does a great job of promoting his work ethic, character, intelligence, and communication skills
∞ most of the time does a good job of going thru progressions and making good reads
∞ ball doesn't come out his hand cleanly a lot of times; has wobble to it
∞ doesn't have elite arm strength but it's adequate; weight transfer mechanics are inconsistent
– will sometimes stare down receivers and guide DBs right to the ball



Rounder 2