Graham Mertz


Graham Mertz



Wisconsin || RS-SO (3)

◊ = postives || ∞ = needs improvement || "–" = negatives

• 9 games (7 starts)
>> thrust into starting role in 2020 due to injury of Coan; battled thru a lot of COVID issues and reportedly had a banged up shoulder thru most of the season

◊ good velocity on throws at every level
◊ escapability; advantageous runner
◊ deep ball accuracy
◊ does a fairly good job of getting the ball out of his hands quickly
◊ ball placement in the redzone
◊ patience in allowing plays to develop
◊ toughness
∞ touch throws; knowing when to dial down the velocity is inconsistent
∞ pocket mobility & awareness
∞ throwing on the run and across his body
∞ takes a lot of chances across the middle of the field
∞ tries to force too many throws late into tight windows & into double/triple coverage
∞ ball doesn't always come out of his hand cleanly; wobbly balls
∞ inconsistent weight transfer
– limited experience
– needs to learn when to slide when running; takes a lot of unnecessary hits
– doesn't seem comfortable yet but there are mitigating reasons for that

FILM: [vs Northwestern - 2020] - [vs Illinois - 2020]



Round 4-6