Jah-Maine Martin


Jah-Maine Martin



NCA&T || SR (5+)

◊ = postives || ∞ = needs improvement || "–" = negatives

• 29 games (14 starts); *no 2020 season*
>> 5 games played at Coastal Carolina in 2016

◊ finisher; doesn't go down on first contact; finishes runs strong; good leg drive
◊ big, strong frame to take on and run thru contact
◊ good patience & field vision; waits for plays to develop and sets up his lead blockers; navigates the field well
◊ explosive play threat; opportunity for a home run play every time he touches the ball
◊ better long speed and agility than some may think
∞ blocking needs work; he has ability but too often he is late to his spot or caught off-balance trying to lean & reach; not afraid to square up and hit someone when able to get into position
– catching out of the backfield; flashes ability to catch the ball but it's not consistent enough; also note a limited number of pass-catching opportunities
Ø - will have to answer questions about an offseason incident back in 2016 → started college career in 2016 at Coastal Carolina; was arrested for unlawful carrying and possession of a pistol and possession of a stolen pistol on July 10, 2017 but the gun wasn't his. He was released the next day and the charges quickly dropped but was still kicked off the team and suspended from school. He transferred to NCA&T in 2017.

FILM: [vs Alcorn State - 2019] - [at FAMU - 2019]

PLAYER COMP: Dalvin Cook Lite



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