Mykael Wright


Mykael Wright



Oregon || JR (3)

◊ = postives || ∞ = needs improvement || "–" = negatives

• 21 games (7 starts)

◊ fundamentally sound; good technique
◊ physical, man coverage, shutdown boundary corner; doesn't shy away from contact; takes away half the field; sticky coverage without being grabby or overly handsy
◊ recovery speed; quick to get back into receivers hip pocket if he gets beat initially
◊ doesn't allow receivers to cross his face without early contact; does a nice job getting hands on guys who try to take an inside release; NO FREE PASSES
◊ plays with good eye discipline & instincts
◊ footwork; quick feet
◊ wraps up; strong tackler; can play with outside run responsibility
◊ plays well in space and takes good angles to the ball
◊ change of direction; smooth mover; can weave and mirror
◊ good football IQ & awareness; understands how to play the position
◊ working into a more vocal leadership role going into 2021 season, according to coaches; known for being a bit of a quiet kid
◊ looks the part
∞ not sure about ball skills from film I've watched but that's because teams don't throw his way
∞ read & react is inconsistent
– continue to get stronger

FILM: [vs USC - 2020] - [vs Cal - 2020]



Round 2