Treylon Burks


Treylon Burks



Arkansas || JR (3)

◊ = postives || ∞ = needs improvement || "–" = negatives

• 20 games (18 starts)

◊ big, long, and strong frame
◊ plays with great physicality; length & strength to beat press-man; displays some ability to use his hands to create space vs tight coverage
◊ huge hands; catching away from body and securing the ball
◊ willing, physical blocker
◊ burst & acceleration off the snap
◊ long speed
◊ great mover for size; natural athlete
◊ catch radius; body control
◊ winning with inside release; working the middle of the field
◊ explosive playmaker
◊ ability to create after the catch whether it's breaking tackles or just outrunning guys
◊ catching thru contact; contested catch
◊ tracking the ball in the air
◊ staying active in plays; bailing QB out and coming back to the ball
◊ finding open spots in the defense; knows how to get open; gets where he wants to
◊ creating effective separation in his release
◊ redzone threat
◊ great production on a bad team with shoddy QB play
◊ just scratching the surface of his potential; high ceiling, high floor
∞ route running needs continued development but ability is there; firmer cuts and breaks at the top of his routes; shows ability to use his eyes to deceive DBs (route salesman)
∞ short area quickness
∞ lets the ball get into his body unnecessarily sometimes

FILM: [vs Florida - 2020] - [vs Georgia - 2020] - [vs Ole Miss - 2020]



Round 1