Westwood DB a Rising Star in the 2021 Recruiting Class

by Austin Silvey @SilveyESP

Pictured left to right -- Jordan Robinson, Zayveon Wells, James Wright, Zi'kef Johnson || Photo Courtesy of Coach James Roberts (Westwood High) // @Coach_JRob4

BLYTHEWOOD, SC -- South Carolina has always had talent but it hasn't always been valued in the world of recruiting. In recent years, the level of activity and interest in SC athletes has ramped up; in my opinion, due to the fact there are more opportunities for exposure than ever before. Whether it be trainers, showcases, or local media, the proverbial "diamonds in the rough" are becoming valued commodities in the national recruiting landscape.

But there are still guys who go unnoticed throughout the process for a myriad of reasons. Senior defensive back Jordan Robinson of Westwood High School (Blythewood, SC) is one of those stories...but he won't be for much longer.

During his junior season in 2019, Robinson was a wide receiver at Westwood but didn't get much playing time due to an injury. He made the switch to defensive back prior to his senior year. As a member of TYGTAL Exposure and their LYF Academy, he began training and working on the fundamentals and technique of his new position.

Listed at 6'3" and 180 pounds, Robinson has the size more and more college coaches desire at the defensive back position. But it's not enough to just look the part. You have to be able to move quickly in short spaces, have fluid hips, explode, take good angles, and so much more.

Initially in the learning process Robinson was very tight and lacked confidence in himself. Having never played the position before, he struggled to grasp the understanding of the technical aspects of it. Athletically, though, he showed early on that he was plenty capable of physically being able to play the position -- showing a good stance, smooth backpedal, and proper foot placement.

Outside of his G.S.I (Global Sports Instructors) position instructors, Robinson worked with speed and agility trainer John Lewis to help loosen him up and develop his already evident explosiveness & athletic ability. He worked on bending for longer periods of time, first step explosion, and loosening his hips up for more fluid transitioning. Within just a couple months of this training the results began to show.

In early May, he took part in a virtual workout created by TYGTAL called "VIEW DAY" and put his hard work on display. The improvements in his flexibility, quickness and athleticism were clear as day. You could see not just his athletic ability growing, but also the confidence in that ability. Every VIEW DAY workout also includes an interview session, which can be seen below.

Throughout the Summer of 2020, even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and social unrest, Robinson continued to work at his craft and put it on display. He took part in multiple VIEW DAY workouts and TYGTAL Showcases.

"A higher football knowledge. Coach Wise has been helping to teach me the ins and outs of the game," Robinson responded when I asked about what he had learned throughout this process at The Seashow Showcase in Myrtle Beach, SC on August 15, 2020.

"Since I've been with TYGTAL, my work ethic got better. They gave me more of a drive and a purpose."

I also asked him about how he has adapted to his new position. "I've adapted well. I get better with every rep but I'm still trying to improve on every rep I get. Coach Wise and the rest of the TYGTAL staff have really done a good job in helping me make the transition."

As of Tuesday, September 15, Robinson has received interest from multiple Power Five and FBS programs; and surely many more in the near future.

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