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 the purest passer in the 2023 class; throws water-tight spirals consistently, sound mechanics & fundamentals; keeps a wide base; fluid release/throwing motion

◊ pocket presence & awareness

◊ movement in the pocket is smooth; clean footwork

◊ evading pressure while keeping eyes down the field

◊ working the middle of the field and picking apart zone coverages; does a good job leading his WRs on inbreakers while also throwing them away from potential big hits

◊ accuracy at all levels of the field; ability to be accurate on the move/off-platform is there but a bit more muddied; does a good job giving his WRs a chance to make plays on the ball; really good at throwing over routes off play action

◊ calculated risk taker; avoids putting the ball in real danger

◊ more than adequate arm strength to stretch the field + great velocity/zip on short-to-intermediate passes (high spin rate); layering throws with touch

◊ high-character young man who stays level, never getting too high or too low; self-aware; takes constructive criticism & improves

◊ quick processor with the instincts to read & react; using his eyes to move defenders & create extra space in throwing lanes

◊ gets the ball out of his hands quickly but displays composed patience to let routes develop when he is given a clean pocket

◊ highest floor of all QB prospects in this class but ceiling is high as well – second only to Anthony Richardson, in my opinion


ø has plenty of ability to create out of structure but it is inconsistent

ø willingness to utilize his athleticism more often to get out of the pocket and create with his legs; wants to work from the pocket to a fault sometimes

(RD 1 - Immediate Impact)