SCOUTING REPORT: Jordan Addison, WR (2023)

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◊ quick feet; efficient release

◊ willing blocker; at very least will get in the way; doesn’t shy away from contact; takes good angles

◊ efficient route runner; sinks hips in breaks; sells routes with stems & sharp cuts/jabs

◊ catching with his hands away from body

◊ contact balance; breaks arm tackles

◊ ability to create YAC

◊ tracking the ball in the air

◊ effective football speed; eats up space quickly; doesn’t possess elite track athlete speed but is plenty fast enough to be a consistent deep threat or pull away from defenders after the catch

◊ can make tough catches vs tight coverage

◊ high football IQ + effort


Ø really slender build; small frame

Ø if he doesn’t create quick separation in his initial release vs press coverage he has a hard time finding a second life

Ø susceptible to getting jammed at the line but did show signs of being able to recover quickly and not let it take him out of the play completely

(RD 1 - Immediate Impact)